Minimal Sudoku

Minidoku adapts to your skill

Adapts to Your Level

You get to choose among four difficulties of sudoku. Behind the scenes, there are more than forty different levels. When you solve a sudoku faster than the average player, the game might increase your level for the next puzzle. If you skip a sudoku, the next game might be a little bit easier. This way Minimal Sudoku finds the sweet spot for every user, without confusing you with a dozen difficulties to choose.

Minimal Sudoku does away with deep menus


You play sudoku in the subway on your commute? Then you want your sudoku app to open fast, to get you to the puzzle right away.

In Minimal Sudoku, the puzzle is first: no splash screen with a fancy company logo, no deep menus, no ever repeating help screens. When you open the app, it immediately continues with the last puzzle.

Minimal Sudoku has no ads

No Ads

Our environment is already flooded with advertising. And more than anywhere else, ad banners in a sudoku app are just annoying.

We never show ads. Never. Also, no 'rate this app' alerts.

Minidoku works well in landscape mode

Landscape Mode

Ever wondered why none of the other sudoku apps has a landscape mode? Here's a secret: In landscape mode, they're unable to stuff in their ad banners! We don't have ads, so there's nothing hindering us to have landscape mode.

Fair Deal

Minimal Sudoku is free to play with all of the features and the easy and medium levels enabled. When you're a keen player, buy the level pack for $ 0.99 or € 0.99. That's a once and for ever purchase, effective for all your devices. There are no consumable purchases in Minimal Sudoku.

Unlimited Puzzles

Minimal Sudoku has its own high-quality puzzle generator on board. It quietly generates new sudokus as you play. No matter how much you play or weather you have an internet connection: There are always fresh and unique puzzles available.


Solving sudoku requires maximum attention. You shouldn't be distracted by background images, redundant effects or a plethora of different colors. Minimal Sudoku's interface is focused – every element was considered with care, thoughtfully designed.

The result: an app that doesn't compete with the sudoku itself, but which enables you to focus on solving the puzzle.

Lots of Details

Our attention to details didn't stop here. There are lots of little carefully crafted things in Minimal Sudoku which will enlighten your experience. Give it a try and download it on the app store!